Application for a Course

Before you apply, youi need to check you have the right qualifications.  Please contact us, telling us the name of your qualification, whre yoiu have studied, the subjects, the date you took the exams and the grades that you achieved.  Once we have this information, we should be able to advise you on your eligibility to apply.  As well as the right academic qualifications, you need to check that you have an English proficiency certificate.

For information on qualification equivalences visit

The Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies

The Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) is not an actual certificate or paper document but is a virtual document similar to a database record. Each Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies has a unique reference number and contains information about the course of study for which it has been issued and the student’s personal details. The information that the College will include in a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies can be found on the website  A student cannot make his/her Tier 4 application more than three months before the start of his/her course.

Documents & Evidence the College Requires to Issue a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies

A valid passport and evidence of the qualifications required for entry into the course. These are listed in the prospectus. For each qualification applied for the student must provide either:
A) The original certificate(s) of qualification. Each document must be the original (not a copy) and must clearly show:

  • The applicant’s name
  • Title of the award
  • Date of the award
  • Name of the awarding institution

The College will not accept provisional certificates.
B) The original transcript of results. Each document must be the original (not a copy) and must clearly show:

  • The applicant’s name
  • Name of the academic institution
  • Course title
  • Confirmation of the award

Where appropriate, other means of assessing a student’s suitability for a course may be used, such as a portfolio of artwork. The details of such an assessment will also be included on the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies.  Northern Regional College will also require evidence that the student can support themselves for the entire length of the programme without using public funds, including course fees and living expenses. Students can check their eligibility using the calculator at

Students under 18 must demonstrate that arrangements are in place for:

  • Travel
  • Reception when they arrive in the UK
  • Living arrangements while in the UK

English Language requirements

If English is not your first language, you must demonstrate that your command of written and spoken English is adequate for the course which you propose to follow. We recognise a number of language tests designed to measure the proficiency of non-native speakers. The majority of international students will submit scores in either British Council IELTS or the American TOEFL test. The minimum levels the College will accept on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages are:

  • Programmes of study at QCF/NQF levels 4, 5, 6 (B2)
  • Programmes of study at QCF/NQF level 3 (B1)

Applicants must demonstrate that all 4 aspects – reading, listening, speaking, writing fall within the band appropriate to the level of qualification applied for. Some courses will require scores to be at the upper end of the band.