Partnership Projects

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships

Erasmus+ Strategic Partships seek to bring a positive and long-lasting effect on participating partners, on policy systems and on the organisations and individuals directly or indirectly involved in the partnership project.  The following partnership projects provide some insight into the broad range of opportunities open to students, staff and local employers. 

  • CompAssess seeks to identify, test and validate new ways to assess transversal competencies in a vocational context.  These competences enable students to manage their careers and play an active role in society. HE academic partners from Allborg University Denmark, Libra University Bolzano, Italy and Mondragon University, Spain to present a research paper into what the literature says about transversal competencies. VET partners from TKNIKA, Basque Country Spain, ECU-SYD, Denmark and Northern Regional College, Northern Ireland provided current practice case studies and test validated the open framework model. 
  • RACE21 is a partnership between six VET colleges (UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Finland and Romania) and an evaluation partner in the Czech Republic.  A three year ‘problem based learning’ project delivered through Robot Clubs is aimed at developing new, innovative, creative curriculum in the field of robotics and automation. Sixty businesses provide a real-world learning environment leading ultimately to 12 integrated robotic solutions. 
  • Enterprise is VITAL (Vision, Innovation, Teamwork, Achievement and Leadership) is a partnership between four VET colleges (UK, Spain, Portugal, and Finland), a Business Incubation Centre in the UK and a Business Association in Spain (APIP).  A three-year ‘problem based learning’ project delivered through Enterprise Clubs is aimed at developing new, innovative, creative curriculum in entrepreneurship education. Students will have the opportunity to learn from real-life start-up enterprises and gain insights as to why and how they grow.

British Council Skills for Employability Projects 2016/17

This year Northern Regional College led or participated in a range of wider international projects aimed at building capacity in our modernisation and internationalisation agenda. Funded through the British Council Skills and Employability programme staff, students and local employers test ideas through the cooperation and exchange of good practice leading to the development, transfer and implementation of innovative practices at organisational, local, regional, national or international levels. 

  • Leadership Exchange Programme (2016) Professor Terri Scott from Northern Regional College and Florence Chechile from Falvius Mereka TVET College, Johannesburg South Africa participated in the LEP to share experiences of developing and implementing an effective change management programme within challenging circumstances, and share best practice in developing skills for a modern economy. Activities included an initial benchmarking exercise followed up by a two-way one-week study visit in implementing change management programmes, enhancing management and leadership structures and developing new approaches to skills development.  Further projects focusing on new approaches to industry partnerships and increasing the enterprising skills for staff and students were also explored. 
  • International Skills Partnership (2016) Northern Regional College and Vuselela TVET College, Klerksdorp, South Africa participated in the ISP to share experiences of developing and implementing innovative teaching practices.  Focusing on the Travel and Tourism and Business Services sectors the project enhanced student experience by providing opportunities to explore working practices in both countries.  To raise the level of student shared learning the project merged key assignments in Travel and Tourism and Business Services into student grouped case studies.  The outcome from this project is two-fold (i) shared approach to problem based learning and (ii) appreciation of the international context for Business and Travel and Tourism. 

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