Mobility Projects

Erasmus Programme

Northern Regional College’s Erasmus Strategy in the context of the Lifelong Learning Programme (2014-2020) will be to strengthen our European links and broaden the range of Erasmus activities available to our students.

Outgoing Students

The College has been participating in the EU-funded Lifelong Learning programme since 2004 and has now added the Erasmus programme to this provision for our 2014 higher education students. The programme gives staff and students a great opportunity to travel abroad to study or do work placement in one of 32 EU participating countries. An Erasmus mobility allowance can be applied for while studying or doing work placement at a recognized partner college or enterprise. The time you spend studying or doing work placement abroad will:

  • Deepen and broaden your knowledge of your study programme
  • Add an invaluable Erasmus focus to your studies
  • Greatly enhance your employability and earning power after graduation
  • Contribute to your personal growth and development
  • Teach you how to network with learners from all over Europe
  • Challenge you to do real-world teamwork
  • Provide you with opportunities to meet people and see and do things while abroad, which you would never get to do at home
  • Increase your fluency in your chosen language
  • Enhance your appreciation of different cultures

Applying for the Programme with Northern Regional College

Information for students within the EU wishing to participate in the ERASMUS student exchange programme with Northern Regional College.

Admission and Entrance Requirements

All students wishing to participate in the ERASMUS student exchange programme with Northern Regional College should apply to the International Office of their home college in the first instance.

On receipt of approval from the home college for participation in this programme, students should then complete an application form for a place at NRC with a transcript of most recent exam results, evidence of health insurance policy (EHIC, or equivalent), and an validated Learning Agreement. Original applications should be posted to:

Irvine Abraham
College Internationalisation Manager
Northern Regional College
400 Shore Road

Co. Antrim
BR37 9RS

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE)

In 2013 Northern Regional College applied for, and was successful in attaining the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. Accreditation of the ECHE was the first step in meeting the College strategic vision for developing relationships and partnerships with Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) in Programme and Partner countries. The College stated Erasmus Strategy in the context of Life Long Learning Programme (2014-20) is ‘to strengthen European links and broaden the range of Erasmus activities available to staff and students’.  Underpinning this strategy is five key objectives:

  • To enable staff to undertake mobility visits to HEIs in programme countries there-by underpinning the bi-lateral relationships and serve as a starting point for further development of student placements and multi-lateral projects.
  • To develop partnerships with HEIs for the sharing of best practice and exchange of ideas in HE VET teaching and learning.
  • To develop new HE VET programmes which promote study periods abroad and increase the number of students participating.
  • To develop a network of HEIs providing HE VET work placements and enable similar arrangements for receiving HE VET students.
  • To develop new HE partnerships for the delivery of joint short cycle and first cycle degrees.

ECHE staff participated in a range of study visits including:

  • Umea University Förvaltningshuset, Universitetstorget 16, 901 87 Umeå, Sweden to develop a partnership in ICT and Interaction Design. 
  • HE Forum (NetinVET) in Poznan, Poland with a view to developing new partnerships in Business Computing and ICT.
  • EU Network of Networks meeting in Lahti, Finland.  This network represents VET colleges in N Ireland, Scotland, Finland, Netherlands and Spain.  Partners work on a range project ideas and proposals.

ECHE student exchange projects:

  • INS Jaume Mimó, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona.  Business studies student on a 12-week work placement through Northern Regional College at ATG, Coleraine. 
  • Two Foundation Degree Business Studies students participated in a 15-day international trade workshop with other international students in Albeda College Rotterdam. The workshop focused on entrepreneurship and the international business plan, international markets opportunities and threats, and international negotiation.

Study USA

Northern Regional College students can apply for the Study USA initiative, funded by the British Council. This is a one year scholarship; where a student has been successful in their application to spend a year studying at a university in the USA.

NRC Erasmus Policy Statement August 2017

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