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Course disclaimer
The Northern Regional College has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that this course database is accurate. However, applicants are advised that the process of development between publication and the completion of programmes may lead to occasional variations, for which the College disclaims legal liability. The College reserves the right to revise, alter or discontinue courses of study and to amend the regulations at any time without notice. Applicants are asked to note that courses will run only if sufficient numbers are recruited.

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Terms & Conditions 2017/2018

Home Students

The College will make every endeavour to run courses and programmes which are advertised. However, we reserve the right to cancel classes which do not enrol sufficient numbers to make the class viable.  In some circumstances, classes may be combined to achieve viability.  We shall contact you if your class is cancelled and, where possible, make arrangements for you to attend an alternative class or offer you a refund.

Refunds Policy

1. All courses
a) Course cancelled by Northern Regional College: Full refund of total fee paid to date
b) Student withdrawal before course start date: Full refund of total fee paid to date

2. Courses already commenced
a) Student withdrawing within 2 weeks of course start: Full refund of total fee paid to date less £10 administration fee (A refund request form must be received by the College on or before 14 days after the start of the course.)
b) Student withdrawing after 2 weeks of course start: No refund.

Examination Fee refunds are only available if the examination fee has not been forwarded to the Awarding Body. Refund Form Requests for refunds must be received in writing from the student on the designated refund form

No form is required where the College cancels the programme.

Course Fees
Setting and Alteration of Course Fees

(a) Course fees are set annually.  Information on course fees is published in the Prospectus or on the College Website and is accurate at the time of publication and all reasonable efforts are taken to ensure that it is correct.  However, the College reserves the right to alter course fees as a result of changes due to external factors, such as those imposed by awarding bodies and DEL.  It also reserves the right to alter fees should there be discrepancies in the fees.

Where either of these circumstances apply and this results in an increase in the course fee then:

(a) A student already enrolled will not be required to pay the additional fee.  This fee will be absorbed by the Faculty who signed off the incorrect fee but in Year 1 only.
(b) All other students who enrol after the change to the fee has been made will be required to pay the new increased fee.

(c) The new revised fee will be published on the website and corrected on Northern Regional College systems and will apply from the date it is published on the website.

Where either of these circumstances apply and this results in an decrease in the course fee then:

(a) A student already enrolled on the course will be refunded the difference in the fee.  

(b) The new revised fee will be published on the website and corrected on Northern Regional College systems and will apply from the date it is published on the website.

Tuition Fees for part-time courses will remain the same for each year for the duration of the course eg 2 or 3 years.

Additional Fees – some additional fees may have to be paid directly to the awarding body.  You will be notified of these at time of enrolment.

Reduced Fees

10% off part-time tuition fees for members of the past student association (LINK).

Reduced Fees (Concessionary fees)

Reduced rates apply to the tuition fee only and are calculated as 50% of the tuition fee for the course. This rate can only be claimed by applicants in the following categories.

1) Students in receipt of:
Income based Jobseekers Allowance
Income support
Working Tax Credit (must have an annual household income of <£16,000)
Child Tax Credit (must have an annual household income of <£16,000)
Pensions Credit
Rates Relief
Means tested Employment Support Allowance
Other means tested benefits.

Applicants must bring supporting evidence from the Social Security Agency issuing office and present it to the Student Admissions staff collecting their fees at time of enrolment. These documents - for example a letter of current entitlement to benefit - will be photocopied by the College staff and returned to you.

2) Northern Regional College Full time students 
Applicants must show proof of full-time study at time of enrolment.

* All circumstances are at time of enrolment

Changes to the Terms and Conditions
We reserve the right to change any of the Terms and Conditions (whether contained in these Terms and Conditions or in any other Terms and Conditions contained on any of the pages of the Site) at any time. It is your responsibility to visit the Terms and Conditions of the Site on a regular basis to ascertain whether any amendments to these  have been made. If you do not agree to such an amendment, you should immediately cease to use the Site.