Education Support

The Northern Regional College aims to enable people with a medical condition, learning difficulties and/or disabilities to access, participate and progress within and from learning programmes, through the establishment of appropriate support mechanisms. We are working towards an environment and curriculum which meets the needs of ALL students.

How do I apply for Education Support?

Students who require support from the College with their educational needs, should in the first instance, fill in an Education Support form and return it to reception at their campus. The Education Support team will then contact you to discuss your needs and how we can best meet them.

Who can apply for Education Support?

Students who have a medical condition, learning difficulty and/or disability and are assessed as requiring additional support for their learning and assessments. Once you have registered with our service we will help you to provide evidence of your disability e.g. a psychological assessment or doctor's letter. You can then book an appointment with one of our staff who will prepare an Internal Needs Assessment Report for you. We can also prepare an Assessment of Needs report as part of your Disabled Students' Allowance.

Types of Support

This will depend on your needs. We could help with:
• Assessment of your additional learning needs
• Identification of your individual learning programme and for tutorial support
• Literacy and Numeracy support
• Equipment and additional aids (eg. laptops, specialised software)
• Special arrangements to support you with assessments or exams (eg. extra time, scribes, readers)
• Learning Support Assistant or Notetaker (Full or part time as required)
• Interpreters (for hearing impaired)
• Staff taking account of your needs in the College

Helping you succeed

Northern Regional College is committed to helping you succeed with
your studies. We strive to ensure everyone at the College maximizes
their ability and fulfills their potential. In order to meet your needs
we would encourage you to disclose any relevant information to the
Education Support Co-ordinator or your tutor.

Learners in Care or Leaving Care

College life can be challenging whatever your background and especially for learners in care or leaving care.

At Northern Regional College, we recognise that all learners are individuals. We can offer tailored support to meet your individual needs.

Contact our designated staff at your chosen campus to discuss your needs, arrange a visit with your care worker or to chat informally about your study plans.

Getting Support

Designated contacts can help put together your individual support package and help you deal with any problems.

Designated Contacts

You may find it difficult to let us know that you are, or have been in care. This is understandable and you will not want to be treated differently because of your past circumstances.

As a College we would like to assure you that your information will only be shared with the designated contact for your campus and this is to ensure that we target your individual support to your personal needs.

Decisions to disclose information to any other person will only be taken with your permission.  Find out more information on Learners in Care.

Education Support Unit/Designated Contact Details

Emma Porritt
028 2563 6253

Lauren Millar
028 7034 0148

Emma Mason
028 9085 5000 ext 1416