Libraries are available in Ballymoney, Coleraine, Farm Lodge, Magherafelt, Newtownabbey and Trostan Avenue.

The libraries aim to:

  • Provide a welcoming environment
  • Provide an environment that supports learning
  • Provide resources that support research, study and teaching

You will find a wide range of resources in the library, many of which will relate to your course, but some are for general interest, including fiction and newspapers.

For example:


We have about 35,000 volumes spread across 6 sites. Most of these are available for loan.  Students can also access almost 3000 electronic books (e-books).


We subscribe to more than 70 titles.  Current copies of the journals are displayed in the libraries and may be borrowed for up to one week. Older copies are held in the archives for 3 years.


Each library provides a suite of PCs which staff and students can use. Booking in advance is advisable. Each PC runs Windows software and Microsoft Office and is connected to the Internet and networked which means that you will be able to access your work from any college PC. Students are allocated a print allowance of £20.00 each year – but if you run out of credit you can top up by buying print vouchers. Email access for students is free and each library has a scanner available for student use.

What NRC Library Means To Me

As librarians we believe that the library is the heart of the college.  It is much more than a passive repository for knowledge. For the student, the library as a place and the library as a service are central to their experience of the college.  The library represents an important point of continuity for students during their time at the college as does their relationship with its staff. This growing understanding of the role of the librarian as a student advisor is now helping to drive convergence between the library and support services.

Margarida, Level 3 Travel and Tourism student from Newtownabbey commented, "I find the staff in the library are very friendly, not only do they help you with your work but they engage you in conversations, outside of your area of study.  I think it is this quality that encourages and attracts students to use the library.  If the staff do not know the answer to your query then they go and find out, which is really good.  I also like the photocopying/scanning service, as you can call back later and collect it rather than having to wait.

I like that the library is open at lunchtime and in the evenings, so it is possible to drop in whenever you wish.  I like being able to take resources home, especially from the good variety of non-academic books.  I think it is good that the library staff encourage students to take part in activities eg reading via the 6 Book Challenge and charity events."

Colin, Access student from Coleraine stated, "The NRC library is one of the greatest tools for students on campus. It's always the first place I go when I need to study. I think the library is very helpful to students who choose to take advantage of it. I use the library in my college three times a week.  I like the layout of the library in the college.  If I want to use the computers nine out of ten times I can get on one if I need to.  When I am in the library I mainly would be researching topics for the subject I am studying either on the computer or from the books which they have on display.  I also would do some photocopying from time to time when I am in the library.

The benefits of the NRC library service I think are great. The Library has several shining stars on the staff who are everything you would want - helpful, courteous, conscientious and knowledgeable, with a love for books and learning. All of the staff take pride in their jobs within the library.  I also think that they have great people skills and are very cooperative.  I feel this works in harmony with all the students who use the library.  This in turn adds to a positive learning environment.

The library does help with my success and personal development for setting and achieving my goals because I can arrange and rewrite my notes before I go home when they are fresh in my head.  I also meet up with friends there to study and go over the lecture we just had, so I would say it is a great meeting point in the college. I could not survive without the library. It really is an essential part of to my education."

For any other information please contact a member of the Library Staff on your campus.

Ballymoney - (028) 2766 0434

Coleraine - (028) 7034 0111

Farm Lodge - (028) 2566 4232

Magherafelt - (028) 7939 5230

Newtownabbey - (028) 9085 5024

Trostan Avenue - (028) 2563 6255