Serves all faiths and none

The Chaplaincy serves students and staff of all faiths and none.
The Chaplaincy at Northern Regional College is a place of friendship, hospitality, reflection, support, and dialogue. We offer opportunities for students and staff to relax and unwind and to explore faith and spirituality. We provide a range of services:
• Social events to meet new friends
• Opportunities to explore religious faith and issues of social justice and peace in an inclusive environment
• Quiet spaces for personal prayer or meditation
• Lectures and debates to facilitate and encourage academic learning in a wide range of fields, including theology, religious studies, ethics and philosophy
• Opportunities for worship and communal prayer
• Information about local faith communities and places of worship
• Inter-faith events to encourage dialogue between members of different faiths.

Personal Support

• We offer confidential personal support to anyone wrestling with problems, uncertainties, ethical dilemmas or life questions in an inclusive environment
• We have a commitment to offer you support whatever your beliefs
• We provide opportunities to explore spirituality, faith and belief
• We encourage understanding and respect for differences between those of all faiths and none
• We offer opportunities to explore the dynamic relationship between faith and life, belief and practice, study, work and spirit

Religious advice and information

• Our network of chaplains is drawn from a range of faiths and spiritual paths from the four main Churches in Northern Ireland.
• We help to provide space and time for worship and reflection within the College, including Christian services, and quiet times open to people of all faiths and none
• We can provide information about student religious groups in the local community and College
• We can help find a contact or a place to worship close to any of the NRC campuses. Our ‘Faith guide’ lists local places of worship for all major faiths, and is available free to students and staff on request.

Our work is based in The Chaplaincy at the Trostan Campus, and incorporates:
• A ‘Quiet Room’ for prayer, reflection, or simply to be still
• Prayer / Meeting space
• A kitchen to grab a coffee and chill.

The Chaplaincy is here for staff as well as students. We are able to offer you:
• A team of chaplains and faith advisers who can give help and advice on all faith-related and many other matters.
• A regular mailing to staff with details of events you might be interested in and the forthcoming religious festivals. Each email is topped off with a couple of jokes to help lighten the load of the day. To receive the email, contact
• Support for tutors and other staff in the event of a student death or other tragedy.
• Lectures and conferences considering ethical and academic issues.

What is a Chaplain?

The Chaplains are experienced at listening and offering spiritual guidance, prayer, support, and friendship. We work with staff and students at the Northern Regional College.

Why talk to a chaplain?

In a crisis. When you need space to think. When someone has died and you’d like support. You are trying to find a place to worship. You’re interested in religion and want to know more. You have to decide if it’s right or it’s wrong. You regret what’s happened and need to move on. You’d like someone to pray for you. You’d just like to chat.

Chaplaincy Team

Chaplaincy Coordinator
Revd Brian Lacey
028 2564 7040

Church of Ireland
Revd Canon Stuart Lloyd
028 2565 2253

Revd Maureen Hassard
028 2565 6693

Revd William Sinclair
028 2565 6034

Roman Catholic
Fr Aidan McCaughan
028 2564 1515

For general enquiries
Chaplaincy Administrator
Zillah Wallace
028 2563 6230