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“It’s never too late to change career”


Two females in graduation gowns

Holly Robinson and Chloe McAuley, two Access Diploma in Social Science students, have graduated from Northern Regional College’s Ballymena campus upon learning about the multiple career avenues it could lead. Both graduates reflected on why they decided to study the course. Holly who had a role as a Cabin Crew team member for EasyJet, said the pandemic changed her mind set about her career.

“I felt the pandemic changed my priorities for my career. Many opportunities within my past role disappeared.

“I then ended up having to look for another job and there were lots of care roles available. I decided to just go for it and was surprised by how much I loved the field. My career has completely flipped.”

Meanwhile, Chloe was working as a care assistant for 10 years before deciding it was time she refocus on her career.

“I have three young children aged seven, six and four years old. My focus was never really on my career.

“Now my children are a little older, I felt it was time to study again and the access course seemed perfect for me. Surprisingly it did balance well with my children.”

Both friends, who hadn’t met before doing the course, said that one of the highlights of returning to education was the opportunity to meet new people.

“My favourite part of attending the college was definitely meeting all of my friends. Having my peers as support really gave me that push,” said Holly.