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Higher Level Apprenticeship

What is a Higher Level Apprenticeship?

A Higher Level Apprenticeship is a nationally accredited work-based programme similar to traditional apprenticeships but at a higher level (Level 4 or 5). It is designed to meet the needs of employers for higher skill levels and leads to qualifications equivalent to university.

What Higher Level Apprenticeships are available?

Higher Level Apprenticeships are currently available in a range of occupational areas such as Accountancy, Computing, Construction, Construction Engineering with SurveyingEngineering and Supply Chain & Logistics (Subject to Approval)

What qualifications do Higher Level Apprenticeships offer?

Higher Level Apprenticeships we currently offer include qualifications from Level 4 up to Level 5. 

How Can Your Career Benefit from a Higher Level Apprenticeship?


You will be employed for 2 years working with a construction or civil engineering company. One day per week will be spent at Northern Regional College studying for your academic qualification. The College will have a close relationship with your employer in mentoring you throughout your employment period.
You will gain valuable knowledge, practical skills and work experience as well as an internationally recognised qualification – just the combination that can help increase your future employability, boost your CV, and help you progress into new career opportunities.

Recognised Qualification

You will gain an internationally recognised qualification – Level 4 Higher National Certificate or Level 5 Foundation Degree.

A Stepping Stone to University

Upon successful completion of your Higher Level Apprenticeship, you can continue your studies by working towards a Level 5 qualification.

Earn While You Learn

You will gain valuable work experience within your chosen area from your employer as well as gaining a recognised professional qualification and earning a regular salary (at least the national minimum wage).


The Higher Level Apprenticeship programme will allow you to start your highly-skilled career without the student debt that your university peers will have accumulated during their degree course – providing a real alternative to university.

How To Become a Higher Apprentice

You must be at least 18 years on or before 1 July in the year you start your course and must satisfy the general entry requirements.  All entry requirements are outlined within the specific course page.

Getting an Employer

Employers advertise and recruit directly for these positions. It will be competitive and there are likely to be a number of people applying for each Higher Level Apprenticeship vacancy, so you will need to sell yourself and convince the employer that you are the right person for the role.

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