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What Course?

Selecting which qualification or subject area is right for you can be complicated and sometimes there is just too much information to absorb. Below is some guidance to help start your journey towards making the right career choice for you.

About You

Take a step back, before you start to look at various careers, ask yourself – what makes you ‘tick’, what motivates and excites you, what are your interests, skills and values? Having explored these, you can now form a better idea of what your ideal job is and research careers around this job.

Review your interests, values and skills.  Write down what areas of work interest you.  What is important to you and what skills do you already have.  This will help you plan your career and allow you to narrow down your career options.  Before researching your options, consider exactly what you want from a job, making a list of essential and desirable features, for example, close to home, salary, working in the public or private sector.

Career Services/Tools

You can use career-matching tools to match your interests, skills and values with careers.  Based on what you like and are good at you will get a list of suggested careers.

Take the Buzz Quiz online to find out your personality type and what jobs might suit you.

The SACU Quiz allows you to create your very own personalised careers cloud.

There is also a range of advice available from the Department for the Economy Careers Service based at the Job & Benefits offices, your schools careers advisor, and you can also contact the College’s Careers Team to talk about specific courses.

Career Events

There are various careers events throughout the year, which are a great opportunity to find out more about courses and career/training opportunities.

Open Days - February
Enrolment Days - August