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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know how to apply – can you help me?

Please follow our step by step guidance within our how to apply section.  If you are still experiencing problems contact

How can I access the online admissions portal?   

Visit and add your login details.

How do I get my password reset?  

Email to request your password to be reset or alternatively email and a member of the admissions team will forward on your request.  Please keep an eye on your emails as the link you will be provided to change your password will expire.

Can I apply for more than one course?     

Yes you can apply for up to 5 courses.

How can I get my student ID? 

Your student ID is on your online admissions account (600*****). If you are still unable to locate this contact

Do I need evidence of all my qualifications?

Yes all of those that are relevant to your course application.  If you have not received predicted grades please still input what qualifications you are working towards and then when you receive your grades input and upload evidence of your actual grades.

How do I upload documents to my online admissions portal?

Please refer to our online admissions portal guidance.  

When will I receive communication with regards the status of my application?

Please refer to Step 3 within our how to apply section.

How do I arrange an interview/information session for my course?  

The college will contact you in due course to arrange an information session/interview

What education support is available? 

You should fill in an online referral form.  The Education Support team will then contact you to discuss your needs.  See Education Support for further details.   

I am over 25 – can I enrol on an Apprenticeship programme and what are the fees?

If you're 25 years and over, there are some Apprenticeships available for those employed within an economically important sector needed to rebalance the economy. Please refer to Apprenticeship frameworks for over 25s or contact our Work-based Learning Manager Sean McAleese.  There are no fees.

Can I pay my deposit over the phone?  

Yes if we have received your direct debit forms and they have been uploaded to your account on the online admissions portal.

Can I pay my course in instalments? 

Yes if the course is more than £200.  See fees and funding for more information. 

How many direct debit instalments are there?

After the initial deposit there are 3 instalments

Do I have to pay for my beauty course kit in full? 

Yes as you are paying the supplier direct, not the college.

Which benefits entitle you to reduced fees? 

Please refer to ‘reduced fees’ within fees and funding section.

I am a student and my parents are on benefits, am I eligible for reduced fees?

No only you - the student – must be in receipt of benefits.

How do I know if am entitled to student finance?     

Please email our student finance team at for advice or call 028 2563 6230 to speak to one of our student finance team.

How do I know if am entitled to a travel pass/school meals?     

Visit Education Authority (EA) website and select “home to school transport” and FE Colleges to view the criteria for a travel pass.  To apply for free school meals allowance call EA on 028 2566 1355 request SM1/SC1 form.

If I have enrolled and paid for a course and change my mind, can I get a refund?    

Yes you can get a refund if you apply within 14 days of enrolment. See refund section for further details.