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Skills and Employability

At Northern Regional College, our Business Engagement Team takes pride in collaborating with a diverse array of businesses spanning various sectors. We maintain regular communication with businesses to understand their evolving skill and training requirements, subsequently designing and delivering tailored qualifications and programs aimed at fostering innovation and expansion.

While our existing partnerships enable us to address the general needs of many businesses, we value your insights to develop a customized timetable offering training and qualifications specifically tailored to YOUR requirements. To facilitate our ongoing support, we invite you to reach out to us, share your needs, and allow Northern Regional College to assist you in realizing your objectives.


The Department for the Economy has made upskilling and reskilling a priority in growing the Northern Ireland economy to meet its changing demands. Through the Skills Focus Programme, companies can receive up to 75% funding to support the cost of training.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Registered Business (does not include charity or community groups)
  • Based in Northern Ireland
  • Less than 250 employees
  • Need to develop staff at Level 2 and above in priority sectors

A Business Engagement Officer will discuss individual business training needs and complete a brief skills audit. This will determine the need for upskilling or reskilling staff and the benefits it will have to the future of the business. A tailored delivery plan will be created, implemented and delivered and will enable the company, and its employees, to introduce new skills to their workforce.

Priority Sectors include:

  • Advanced Manufacturing, Materials & Engineering
  • Agri-Food
  • Construction & Materials Handling
  • Digital & Creative Industries
  • Financial, Business & Professional Services
  • Life & Health Sciences
  • Tourism & Hospitality

Benefits to employers:

  • The opportunity to acquire accredited qualifications
  • Training is significantly subsidised to maximise your training budget
  • Training delivery is flexible (online, in house, at an NRC campus or through blended learning)
  • Completion results in a more productive, skilled workforce

Cheryl McNeill, Business Engagement Officer provides an overview of the Skills Focus programme.

Cheryl McNeill Skills Focus

Case Studies

Shauna from Tullglass Hotel

Skills Focus Abhainn Cruises

Watch this short video where Tim Griffin, Head of Abhainn Cruises further explains how the College, through Skills Focus funding, helped to support his family business through the difficult times during the pandemic.