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Higher Education Course Options

At Northern Regional College we offer a range of higher education courses giving you a choice in your learning. Whether you want to jump start your career or progress to university you will find a course to suit you. Qualifications include Higher Level Apprenticeships (HLAs), Foundation Degrees, Higher National Certificates/Diplomas and Degree and much more.

We also offer an Access to University course - this course provides mature students with an alternative route to progress to full-time and part-time higher education. It provides an experience which is stimulating, varied and appropriate for adult learners. This is a modularised course and is set at A Level standard. The modularised structure offers greater flexibility and is particularly important for mature students who may have to fit their study around other commitments.

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Types of Higher Education Qualifications

Higher National Certificates (HNC)

HNCs usually take one year to complete full-time and two years part-time. They are highly valued by employers and can also count towards membership of professional bodies and other employer organisations. You can convert your HNC to a HND and/or an Honours degree with extra study. Apply Online.

Higher National Diploma (HND)

It usually takes two years full-time study to complete a HND. The course can sometimes be taken on a part-time basis but will take longer to complete. HNDs are designed to give students the skills for a particular field of work. They can lead straight to a career and can also be used to progress within a current career. A HND can be converted to an Honours degree with extra study. Apply Online.

Higher Level Apprenticeships (HLAs)

A Higher Level Apprenticeship incorporates a work-based learning programme and leads to a nationally recognised qualification at Level 4 and above. Apply Online.

Foundation Degree

Foundation degrees are higher education qualifications that combine academic and work related learning. They offer a route into employment, a way to progress within an existing job or the opportunity to re-skill in a new profession. A Foundation degree is a recognised higher education qualification in its own right or upon completion, with appropriate grades, you may be eligible for exemption from the first year of a related degree programme at some Universities. Apply Online.

Honours Degree

An Honours degree, sometimes known as an 'ordinary' or 'first' degree, is a course of academic study leading to a qualification such as a Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) or Bachelor of Science (BSc Hons). It usually takes three or four years to complete full-time and may take longer if being done on a part-time basis. Students who have achieved an HND or a Foundation Degree in a relevant subject will sometimes be eligible to start part way into an Honours Degree. Apply Online.