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Meet Our Industry Experts

“As a former Project Quantity Surveyor supervising and controlling construction project budgets associated with multi-million pound projects through Northern Ireland and Ireland, I provide a first class delivery of surveying disciplines that will equip students with the necessary skills base to allow them to work professionally in the construction industry.” read more
Chris Keating
Lecturer in Construction & the Built Environment
“My industry experience has helped me to understand the roles of different organisations within the travel and tourism industry and have provided the skills and foundations for the work I do in the classroom, helping to underpin the subject areas I teach.” read more
Richard Hasson
Lecturer in Travel and Tourism
“The most rewarding part of my job is seeing students find their passion whilst studying with us and really thriving. You can visibly see a student who has fallen in love with design, photography, animation etc…and they know this is what they want to do as a career.” read more
Laura Dixon
Course Co-ordinator in Creative Media
“Experience always wins, we have insights into the industry and have more than just book knowledge, we have real life experiences and real world examples. We have links with local businesses which allows us to help students get experience in the working environment.” read more
Richard King
Lecturer in Construction & the Built Environment
“If you have a passion for catering and really enjoy it, this will show in your work and help you travel the world working in some of the most expensive and beautiful places on the planet. The work is hard, but the reward is greater.” read more
Robert Tessier
Course Co-ordinator in Hospitality & Catering
“Without a doubt, the most rewarding part of my job is encouraging and supporting all of my students on their journey, however long it takes. And the meeting them in years to come to come and they recall their experience in my classroom as a positive one.” read more
Una Walsh
Lecturer in Business
“The pastoral care in our department is excellent as we really care about the students. We try and make the course as interactive as possible bringing in outside speakers and doing trips to businesses which is where my excellent connections with businesses comes in.” read more
Anne McCallum
Lecturer in Business
“The most rewarding part of my job is observing the individual student, grow both personal and professionally, gaining experiences, knowledge and recognition through the Higher Level Apprenticeship (HLA) programme.” read more
Melvin Launder
HLA Co-ordinator in Computing/Technical Transfer Lecturer
“Having worked in the Early Years industry for 20 years, I can share a wealth of knowledge within education. Students enjoy my stories from different settings and areas I have worked in, which helps consolidate their learning within areas they have little or no experience.” read more
Kathy McCabe
Lecturer in Early Years/Childcare
“Beauty lecturers at the College collectively have years of industry experience ranging from owning a business, working on cruise ships, being product ambassadors and working in salons. And, it doesn’t stop there! Each year staff complete at least 30 hours of training to keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends so we can share the best industry standard practices with our students.” read more
Sharon Eatwell
Curriculum Area Manager in Beauty Therapy
“The most rewarding part of my job is watching students achieve and move to their desired next step. Whether it be to University or the workplace seeing a student excited about the next stage and helping them get there is a great feeling.” read more
Sarah Ballantine
Lecturer in Engineering
“Being immersed in the music industry and having a mentor with almost 30 years professional experience is incredibly helpful for students. I can show my students work that I have actually done recently and use this to explain modern techniques for mixing, editing and composing.” read more
Paul Campbell
Lecturer in Music & Audio
“My previous roles and experience include Nursing, Midwifery and Specialist Community Practitioner. From this valuable experience I am able to bring learning to life for the students, linking the theory to practice to help motivate students to focus on their career goal.” read more
Anne-Marie McAleese
Lecturer in Health & Social Care
“The most rewarding part of my job is watching learners as their confidence grows as they develop in their career and expand their skills in the workplace.” read more
Siobhan McEldowney
Lecturer in Health & Social Care
“With over 15 years of industrial experience, working in various veterinary clinics/hospitals, I bring a wealth of real-life experience to the classroom and link with industrial experts to enhance opportunities for work placement/employment and guest speakers. ” read more
Shenade Duggan
Lecturer in Animal Management
“I love it when the student has that ‘ah that’s amazing’ moment. It’s so rewarding to see them astonished at something they’ve just learnt or for them to stand back and look at their work and think ‘woah, I did that’.” read more
Victoria Smyth
Lecturer in Hairdressing and Barbering
“Learning from an industry expert like myself can offer students a multitude of benefits. We enrich students' learning experiences, enhance their career prospects, and empower them to succeed in their chosen field.” read more
Petra Satchwell
Lecturer in Early Years and Social Care