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During this period of uncertainty, we want to assure you that the College, through the Business Engagement Team, continues to be your partner with a steadfast commitment to helping your business and you face the challenges ahead.

Our approach may have had to evolve but we want to lend a virtual hand and reassure you that you are not alone and we will continue to support you however we can.

The resources below have been developed to aid you in expanding your knowledge, a chance to learn more skills or the opportunity of development for you and your staff.

If there are particular areas you would like more information on please do not hesitate to email a member of the team at


Resources Available

Awareness of End of Life - Level 2 Award

Digital Marketing - Level 2 Award

Essential Skills - Information Communication & Technology - Level 1 & 2

Meeting the Needs of Learners with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the Mainstream Classroom - Level 2

Social Media - Level 2 Award

Understanding Protection and Safeguarding - Level 2 Award


Important Announcement

The Department for the Economy has made upskilling and reskilling a priority in growing the Northern Ireland economy to meet its changing demands. Due to the corona virus pandemic, companies can receive up to 100%* funding to support the cost of training through the Skills Focus Programme. These accredited courses are not listed above but please Register Now for more information.