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Career Ready

Career Ready – Preparing you for the world of work!

The Career Ready programme provides our students with real-life, industry skills and knowledge in preparation for the world of work.

Benefits to Students

  • You will be assigned a mentor (from industry) who will meet and support you throughout your study revealing the different career paths that you could undertake.
  • Employer-led visits, seminars and masterclasses take place throughout the programme providing in-depth insights into your chosen industry.
  • You will undertake practice interviews and curriculum vitae development to enhance your career opportunities.
  • You will complete a six-week paid summer internship providing you with real industry work experience.
  • You will be invited to an official Career Ready graduation to celebrate your success.
  • You will achieve an additional qualification - Level 3 qualification in WorkSkills or a Microsoft Office Specialist exam.

Watch our video to hear what the Career Ready programme means to our students!

Video of Career Ready students

How to Apply?

The Career Ready programme is open to students on the Level 3 Information Technology, Level 3 Business or Level 3 Engineering courses. When you start on these courses you will go through an interview and selection process with Grafton Recruitment, Diamond Recruitment or Sensata.


Partnering with Career Ready and Northern Regional College has positive effects on your employees and business as well as helping to mould the workforce of the future.

Benefits for Employers

  • Involvement is low cost and low risk – you can engage as much or as little as you want – from a masterclass to offering a six week paid internship.
  • Internship supervisors can gain practical experience in managing and coaching a young person.
  • Offering internships can help you harness and develop the key skills that help make young people ready for the world of work. Consider it as a six week interview for a future employee!
  • Career ready students can add value by undertaking projects where you do not currently have resources and also provide fresh ideas and perspectives into your business.
  • An effective testing ground for potential recruits to higher level apprenticeships.
  • Opportunity to network and liaise with other businesses.

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For further information email:

Ian Craig
Engineering Career Ready Manager

Gemma Goodrich
Business & IT Career Ready Manager