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Missions and Values

values and mission


Improved Learner Outcomes

By 2022 we will have...

  • improved student success rates.
  • improved the student experience and increased student satisfaction.
  • improved quality and self-evaluation scores across all occupational areas.

Improved Infrastructure and Learning Environment

By 2022 we will have...

  • completed the build of the first of our two new campuses (Coleraine) and make progress in Ballymena.
  • modernised our business processes across all areas of College business.
  • transformed teaching operations through increased use of digital technology.

Improved Capacity and Productivity

By 2022 we will have...

  • become an employer of choice with a respected, engaged, skilled and talented workforce.
  • optimised our relationships with external partners, stakeholders and community and diversified our income base.
  • improved our productivity while maintaining operational efficiency.