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Accounting Technicians - Level 5 Diploma (Accounting Technicians Ireland - ATI)

Start Date: 16th September 2024
Code: YHPZ1913A1


Duration: 1 Year Online
Start date: 16th September 2024
End date: 30th May 2025
Day: Multiple Days
Time: 18:30-21:30

Course fees for each year.

  Year 1 Total Fee
Fee £525 £525
Reduced Fee £263 £263

Additional fees: Please note there are additional fees that must be paid directly to ATI for registration, books and exams. For more details visit ATI website.

Course Content

Accounting Technicians Ireland provides an accounting qualification that is recognised by industry as one of the leading accounting qualifications in Ireland. Diploma modules bring you to the next level in your accounting studies. On successful completion of the 4 modules you will become an affiliate member of ATI, and maintain your affiliation while you complete the work experience requirements of the qualification.

You will study 4 modules:

  • Advanced Financial Accounting
  • Advanced Taxation
  • Management Accounting and Financial Data Management.

As part of the ATI qualification, you will have the opportunity to gain a Certificate of Completion in both Advanced Excel and using cloud accounting.

Please note this course will be delivered fully online in September. More information will be provided at an interview/information session.

Course Aims

Accounting Technicians are qualified accounting professionals that work at all levels of finance. They can work in all types of organisations and are widely employed throughout the public sector, industry and commerce and in private accounting practices.

Special Features

The syllabus has been carefully designed to equip graduates with an array of transferable business skills, as well as technical skills for finance and accountancy practice. Ultimately, the qualification increases employment opportunities for a broad range of accounting and finance roles and could enable you to progress to senior financial management at a later stage in your career.

Assessment Methods

Assessment is 100% exam based with an online exam for each module to be undertaken in May/June. Students will have the opportunity to resit modules in August. Students register for exams via the ATI online portal.

To commence this second year of study, students must either have:

  • successfully completed Year 1 (having achieved the ATI Level 4 Certificate) or
  • successfully completed Financial Accounting, Taxation and either Business Law or Business Management. Subject exemptions granted by ATI will also be considered. 

Many who qualify as Accounting Technicians go on to continue their studies, using their qualification as a stepping stone to eventually becoming professional accountants and members of one of the other accounting bodies, opening them up to greater opportunities for careers in accountancy.