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Laura Dixon

Job Title: Course Co-ordinator in Creative Media

Department: Business & Service Industries

Previous Roles/Industry Experience: Freelance Graphic Design and Social Media Content Creator 

Benefit(s) of learning from an industry expert: The main benefit of learning from an industry expert is the practical experience we bring to the classroom. All the software you learn is industry standard and the project briefs you work on are based on real – world scenarios.  

Tell us why students should study your course/subject area at Northern Regional College: There is a continuous demand for creative media skills throughout all sectors of the economy; every business needs a website and social media content. The animation industry in Belfast is thriving and is providing job opportunities for digital creatives in Northern Ireland. Our 1 year Level 2 course will set you on a very definite pathway to employment. Potentially, you can develop your creative media skills at the Newtownabbey campus from this Level 2 course by progressing to our popular Level 3 courses all the way up to Level 5 HND.  During your studies, you will get the opportunity to work in partnership with local industry. If you have a talent for design, if you love working with computer software and if you want to become part of the creative media industry then this is the course that you are looking for. 

Most rewarding part of your job: Seeing students find their passion whilst studying with us and really thriving. You can visibly see a student who has fallen in love with design, photography, animation etc... and they know this is what they want to do as a career. You can see the penny drop and they become a better, more focused version of themselves and it is great to have helped them on that journey.  

Most memorable moment at Northern Regional College: Accompanying one of my students to the final of the World Skills UK Graphic Design competition in Birmingham and seeing him receive his award.