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Melvin Launder

Job Title: Higher Level Apprenticeship Course Co-ordinator in Computing/Technical Transfer Lecturer

Department: Advanced Technologies

Previous Roles/Industry Experience: Over 20 years IT experience in FE and Industry

Benefit(s) of learning from an industry expert: The apprenticeship programme provides opportunities to build networks and establish relationships within the industry interacting with colleagues, mentors and professionals which leads to valuable shared experiences and knowledge transfer.

Tell us why students should study your course/subject area at Northern Regional College: Studying a higher level apprenticeship area at Northern Regional College offers a unique and valuable educational experience. Here are several reasons why students should consider pursuing a higher level apprenticeship in my area:

  • Practical Skills and Workplace Experience: Higher level apprenticeships provide students with the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on skills directly. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills sets them apart in the job market and prepares them for successful careers.
  • Earn While You Learn: One of the most appealing aspects of a higher level apprenticeship is the ability to earn a wage while studying. Apprentices are paid for their work; this provides a unique advantage compared to traditional academic routes.
  • Enhanced Employability: Higher level apprenticeships are highly regarded by employers, this makes apprentices more attractive candidates for job opportunities.

Overall, studying a higher level apprenticeship at college provides a unique blend of academic and practical learning, preparing students for successful careers while gaining valuable work experience.

Most rewarding part of your job: The most rewarding part of a high level apprenticeship is the opportunity to observe the individual student, grow both personally and professionally, gaining experiences, knowledge and recognition throughout the programme cementing their career progression.

Most memorable moment at Northern Regional College: At the graduation ceremonies where students receive their qualifications. Seeing students complete their apprenticeship journey, celebrating their accomplishments, is a highly memorable and joyful experience.