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Paul Campbell

Job Title: Lecturer in Music and Audio

Department: Business & Service Industries  

Previous Roles/Industry Experience: Audio Engineer, Music Producer and Freelance Musician

Benefit(s) of learning from an industry expert: Being immersed in the music industry as it is right now is incredibly helpful because I can show my students work that I have actually done recently and use them to explain modern techniques for mixing, editing and composing. Having a mentor with almost 30 years professional experience, I continue to learn my craft as I teach it.

Tell us why students should study your course/subject area at Northern Regional College: If any student has an interest in learning how to be a music professional, gaining a broad range of skills and acquiring key industry knowledge - Level 3 and HND Music at Northern Regional College is where they should come. Students benefit from a relaxed but challenging learning environment, the opportunity to use high quality professional equipment and lecturers who will help them to discover what areas of the industry they would like to pursue in their own career. Having done a Level 3 in Music Technology myself, I could not recommend it enough.

Most rewarding part of your job: I love to see students get excited about learning a new concept or technique that either inspires them creatively or changes their perspective on a technical challenge.

Most memorable moment at Northern Regional College:  I have only been on staff at the College for a year but I have really enjoyed it so far. I have had some very fun moments teaching different techniques to music and media students but perhaps my most memorable times were helping Animation students record dialogue for their projects. I think there may be some future voice actors among them.