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Students Who Are Care Experienced

Northern Regional College is committed to having policies and processes to support all vulnerable students and to enhance their experience, development and progression opportunities.

The College believes in opportunity for all and constantly strives to remove barriers for students who may have learning difficulties and/or disabilities, or been subject to negative life experiences; social, emotional and educational.

For those learners who are Looked after Children (LAC) also known as Children Looked After (CLA), and Care Leavers (CL), the College has established a strong position from which to fulfil its responsibilities to prepare students to fully participate in training and education programmes to enable them to compete in the global marketplace and maximise their success in their future working lives.

Should you be in any of the categories above, and feel that you would benefit from some extra support, please contact the Education Support Co-ordinator on your campus, and they will help support you through your College journey.