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Staff Awards

The College’s Staff Awards give us an opportunity to celebrate the success, determination and hard work of our staff. In various categories we recognise outstanding individual and team contributions and celebrate those who go above and beyond.

The awards are for all staff, across teaching and support roles, who have shown unwavering commitment and demonstrated a valuable contribution to College life.

Peer nominations are sought, followed by a rigorous selection process, to determine the winners.

Staff Awards 2021 

Congratulations to the Winners and Highly Commended at the Staff Awards 2021. 

FE Lecturer of the Year 

Winner - Fiona Coulter 

Highly Commended - Deborah Dalton 

HE Lecturer of the Year 

Winner - Jacqui McAllister 

Highly Commended - Anne-Marie McAleese   

Essential Skills Lecturer of the Year 

Winner - Judith Wylie 

Highly Commended - Alice McCann 

Work Based Learning Lecturer of the Year 

Winner - Michael Breen 

Curriculum Team of the Year  

Winner - Essential Skills Team 

(Majella Quinn, Donal MacAuley, Frankie McEldowney, Fiona Forrest, Alice McCann, Ann Woods, Anne Marie McNulty, Gail Adams, Kasala McCurdy, Lisa Keith, Peter Clarke, Niamh McAllister, Liz Currie, Jaclyn Kirkwood, Jacqui Livingstone, Jackie Scott, Jennifer Greer, Judith Wylie, Kathryn Nocher, Linda Beattie, Maura Douds, Oonagh Morrissey, Roisin McLoughlin, Sarah Keanie, Gillian McCaw, Janette Firth, Jennifer Greer, Mary Johnston, Niall Meighan, Patricia Browne,  Hilary Caithness, Pauline McDiarmid, Elaine MacAuley, Allen Shaw, Shirley Dickey, Derek Ross) 

Highly Commended - WBL Engineering Team 

(Gordon Kane, John McClintock, Mark Simpson, Hugh Mallon, Gregory Lutton, Philip Boyle, Alastair Mitchell, Michael Keenan, Alan Nesbitt, Shirley Montgomery, George Adamson, Gary Nugent, Scott Walker and Stephen Cunningham) 

Course Promotion of the Year 

Winner - Inclusive Learning Team 

(Jennifer McFadden, David Stewart, Rhonda Brady, Claire Wilson, Meabh O'Reilly, Elaine Macauley, Fiona Forrest, Kiera O'Kane, Angela O'Neill, Vivien Carson, Hilary Caithness, David Dickey, Sandra Hamilton, AnneMarie McKenna, Jacqueline Wilson) 

Customer Service Team Member of the Year 

Winner - Fionnuala Devlin 

Highly Commended - Jennifer McAllister   

Student Support of the Year 

Winner - Sarah Caddick 

Highly Commended - Josephine McKeown 

Support Team Member of the Year  

Winner - Kerry Reilly 

Highly Commended - Kathryn O'Connell 

Support Team of the Year  

Joint Winners - Coleraine Estates Decant Team  

(Gregory Mulholland, John Walker, Darryl McCorriston, Ken Fillis, Chris Mawhinney, Jim Hogg, Craig Ferguson, Theo Dunlop, Darryl Tindle and Gary Ramsey) 

Joint Winners - MIS Team 

(Marie McMullan, Anne-Marie Pennycook, Adele Brennan, Suzanne Graham, Mary McCloskey, Cara Reynolds, Zillah Wallace, Aileen O'Boyle, Rosie Harkin)  

Peer Support of the Year 

Winner - Jennifer McFadden 

Highly Commended - Lesley Davison   

New Start of the Year 

Joint Winners - Nicola Quigg 

Joint Winners - Meabh O'Reilly   

Bright Star – Digital Champion of the Year 

Winner - Lorna Hamilton 

Highly Commended - Zac Campbell   

Team Player of the Year 

Winner - Frankie McEldowney 

Highly Commended - Donna Cassidy 

Special Recognition Award 

Adrian Verner, John Robinson, Mark Walker, Brian McClelland & Martin Baird 

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