Overseas Students


Under a system introduced by the British Government at the end of March 2009, all education providers such as colleges and universities require a UK Border Agency (UKBA) Licence if they want to teach students from outside the EEA. To obtain a Licence, all education providers need to show they are inspected or audited, or hold valid accreditation with one of the UKBA approved accreditation bodies.

The information below is, therefore, to assist prospective students in planning their arrangements prior to applying to the College. However, applicants should please note that NRC may not be in a position to issue a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies. NRC are currently only considering applications for Higher Education courses.

UKBA will only allow adult students from overseas to study in the UK if they can demonstrate a proven track record in studying before they come here, and if they are enrolling on a full time course that  is for a qualification at Level 3 (A-level, National Diploma) or above and is on the Register of Regulated Qualifications. Please note that as the course is full-time, students may only work up to 10 hours per week during term time and full time during College holiday periods.


Before a student is eligible to apply to come to the UK to study, he or she will require an immigration sponsor. The sponsor will be the education provider in the UK that has accepted the student on a course of study. Sponsoring education providers will issue would-be students with a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). A CAS is not a guarantee of a visa. A CAS cannot be applied for  more than 3 months before the start of the course. UKBA checks on applications, and they will make the final decision on who is permitted to come. When students apply for their entry clearance or visa, they will need a valid CAS from a licensed sponsor and UKBA will rigorously check all the documentation provided. The key criteria for admission into the UK are:
• Evidence of sufficient funds to pass a maintenance test
• Education documents used to obtain the CAS from the sponsor
Once students have come to the UK, there will be ongoing checks to ensure that they are complying with the terms of their visa. A student's visa is locked to the sponsor that issued them with the CAS used for their visa application.

Who needs a visa?

If you are a national or citizen of a country outside the European Economic Area or Switzerland and you will be on a course of study of more than 6 months duration, it is compulsory for you to obtain a visa in order to travel to and enter the UK as a 'student'. You should apply for a visa from your nearest British diplomatic post. You can find your nearest visa application centre and information on how to apply for a visa from the UK Visas website. When applying for a visa, you will be required to provide supporting documents. You are advised to keep all the original documents with you while you are travelling to the UK.

You must make the necessary arrangements to apply for a visa well in advance of your date of travel to the United Kingdom. Please also ensure that you obtain the correct visa before you travel. On entering the United Kingdom, you will have to pass through immigration control, where you will be asked for your passport and other certificates mentioned above. The ‘visa’ will specify the date after which you may enter the UK and the date by which you are required to either leave the UK or apply for an extension of stay in the UK.