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Erasmus+ Key Action 1

Erasmus+ Key Action 1: Staff and Student Mobility

Erasmus+ Mobility Programme gives staff and students a great opportunity to travel abroad to undertake study visits and/or work placement in one of 32 EU participating countries. An Erasmus mobility allowance can be applied for and the time spent participating in a study visit or doing work placement abroad will:

  • Deepen and broaden your knowledge of your subject area
  • Add an invaluable Erasmus experience
  • Greatly enhance your employability opportunities
  • Contribute to your personal growth and development
  • Teach you how to network with learners from all over Europe
  • Challenge you to do real-world teamwork
  • Provide you with opportunities to meet people and see and do things while abroad, which you would never get to do at home
  • Increase your fluency in your chosen language
  • Enhance your appreciation of different cultures

Admission and Entrance Requirements

All staff and students wishing to participate in the Erasmus+ Key Action 1 Staff and student mobility programme with Northern Regional College should complete the Expression of Interest form in the first instance.

This project is funded under Key Action 1 of the programme. Mobility of Individuals, Learning Mobility of Individuals.