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International collaboration in the business community is alive and well, despite recent political events, with business mergers and acquisitions accounting for greater integration and internationalisation of ownership structures.  Many companies located in Northern Ireland are part of a global network of parent or sister companies, supply chains and customer bases, seeking to create a unique and sustainable competitive advantage in their sector.  

Employees in today’s modern economy are more connected and digitally literate than any before them, and the modern economy demands a core workforce that is competent, creative, connected and capable of high performance in a complex and changing environment.

The measure of success of any educational institution depends on how well it responds to this demand as it seeks to provide relevant vocational education and skills.  In this context the Northern Regional College seeks to provide students with life-changing, supportive and innovative experience, which will equip them with the skills to compete successfully in the global employment.

The College has developed a range of international opportunities enabling staff and students to participate in international mobility and partnership projects.  We see international collaboration as a key driver in building capacity in the lives of individuals, strengthening business processes, enhancing the resources of education institutions and policy development relevant to the needs of the modern economy thereby raising the quality of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for all.