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eduroam (educational roaming) is an international secure wireless roaming service for users in research, higher education and further education. It provides researchers, lecturers and students easy and secure Internet access when visiting an institution other than their own.

The Northern Regional College operates a “Home” and “Visited” eduroam service.

Home Service (Northern Regional College Staff and Students)

We operate a “Home” service which means that when you are away at another eduroam-enabled institution you can use your College credentials to connect to the internet via their eduroam service.

Click here for the Home Service Setup Guides

Visited Service (Visitors)

Visitors from an organisation that provides an eduroam “Home” service for their staff and/or students should be able to use eduroam at the Northern Regional College.

Before your visit, you should set up your device according to your own organisation’s instructions. Instructions on this page will only work for Northern Regional College staff and students.

If you have already configured your device, you should be able to connect to the eduroam wireless network (SSID) in any of the wireless locations listed below;

Campus WiFi Locations
Ballymoney Library, Canteen, Reception, F01, S02 and T05
Coleraine Library, Tower Block Foyer, Student Common Room, Boardroom
Farm Lodge Library, Reception, Foyer, Boardroom, Rooms A35, A12, C06 and D16
Magherafelt Library, Main foyer (Ground Floor), First Floor, Second Floor, Canteen
Newtownabbey Most areas
Trostan Avenue Library, Reception, Boardroom, Canteen, Rooms S10, T03, F16

Other areas on these sites will be coming onboard soon.

If you have any issues connecting to eduroam contact NRC IT Support to confirm the service if working within the College. If it is then you will need to contact support within your own organisation.

Travelling to another Organisation

Before visiting any eduroam institution, you should check to verify that eduroam is available and if so what level of service is provided. In particular, your device should be configured correctly for eduroam before you visit another participating site. There are a large number of eduroam-enabled institutions across the UK. A list of those already participating and the level of service they provide for visitors is available here.

Smartphone / tablet users may also find the “eduroam companion” app useful for finding eduroam-enabled sites when travelling. Download it from the App Store / Play Store for your device.

Whilst using eduroam, you are bound not only by the Northern Regional College AUP but also by the JANET Acceptable Use Policy and any similar policies in the visited organisation.

Home Service Setup Guides

You can download the following PDF documents that will guide you through the steps required to configure your device for eduroam. If your operating system is not listed below, please check this page again as we are developing documentation for other platforms.

If your operating system is not listed, please download the generic instructions and eduroam settings which may help you configure your device. If you require additional assistance, please contact

eduroam Home Service Certificate Download

Note: This step is only required if you have attempted to set up the eduroam connection using the Home Service Setup Guides above and found that the required certificate is not already listed on your device.

The Northern Regional College uses a CA security certificate for eduroam so that you can check and have confidence that you are connecting securely to genuine Northern Regional College servers only. To ensure that your connection is secure, you need to install “QuoVadis Root CA 2” authority (CA). To do this, you will need to use another wireless network. From the table below, please click on the appropriate link for your device and install/configure following the instructions in the relevant support guides above.

Platform / Device Download Link Comments
Windows 7, Android & other devices Download Security Certificate Although eduroam may work if this certificate is not installed, it is strongly advised that it is used to ensure you are not exposed to security risks and your credentials remain safe.

Connection Difficulties

The operation of eduroam is dependent on operation of other Wi-Fi networking services within the Northern Regional College. If you have pre-configured your eduroam connection as per the instructions provided and are still having difficulty connecting, please check if there are any current issues by contacting your local IT Service Desk or

Protecting your account details

Users must not share or encourage the sharing of eduroam credentials between each other. For instance, a user might want to provide temporary access for a friend or a visiting lecturer from a non-eduroam organisation. It should be made clear that this is not acceptable or safe behaviour and is in breach of the College Acceptable Use Policy.

Your password is not simply something that provides network access but is also a critical part of your online identity. It MUST NOT be shared with anyone.

Lending you eduroam credentials to a friend would result in you being held accountable for any misuse. It’s also worth remembering that these credentials do not just provide access to a network, but will often provide access to e-mail, file storage and other services that may contain highly personal and sensitive information.