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Online Admissions Portal Guidance

How To Upload Evidence

Examples of evidence include, Employer Response Form, Optician Verification Forms, Certificates/Result Slips

Step 1:  Login to the online admissions portal  
Step 2:  Select Evidence from the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the webpage 
Step 3:  Select Evidence Type 
Step 4:  Select the Choose Files button in the File(s) To Upload section.  
Step 5:  Select the file you need to upload
Step 6:  Select Upload 

How To Change Your Preferences

Step 1:  Login to the online admissions portal 
Step 2:  Scroll through your homepage to the section Send a comment, question or feedback
Step 3:  Select Applications – assistance required
Step 4:  In the comments section identify your first choice course and its corresponding campus eg. “My first choice course is Animal Management at the Ballymoney campus” 

After you receive your results

Step 1: Take clear photographs or screenshots of your proof of ID.  To support your application, it is essential that one form of official photographic identification is uploaded to the online admissions portal. 

  • For example, we can accept one of the following as official photographic ID -  Driving Licence, Biometric Residence Permit or a Passport.
  • Alternatively, you can upload one form of non-official photographic ID, for example a ylink Card, along with a copy of your Birth or Adoption Certificate.
  • Please note: If you have legally changed your name, we will also require official evidence of this to be uploaded to your account.

Step 2: Take clear photographs or screenshots of your exam results or certificates (The results you have uploaded must match the information you have provided within the qualifications section of your application. If you do not provide evidence of how you meet the entry criteria to the course, you will not be enrolled on the course)
Step 3: If you require education support to complete your course, take clear photographs or screenshots of your formal evidence and upload the file appropriately.
Step 4: Log in to the online admissions portal
Step 5: Select Evidence from the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the webpage
Step 6: Select Evidence Type
Step 7: Select the Choose Files button in the File(s) To Upload section.
Step 8: Select the file you need to upload
Step 9: Select Upload  

How To Upload Your Photo For Your Student ID Card

After you receive confirmation of your enrolment, you can upload your photo for your Student ID card using a smartphone.  

This guide explains how you can upload your photo to our online admissions portal.

Your lecturer will check to ensure that you have uploaded a suitable photograph so that it can be transferred to the EasyBadge system for printing.

If you are unable to upload a photo, arrangements will be made for your photo to be taken in the library and uploaded to your account.  Your lecturer will contact the library on your campus if you need to do this.

Once your ID card has been printed, your lecturer will be contacted to collect it and check it before it is given to you.

IMPORTANT! If the photograph is incorrect, your card will not be issued and you will be asked to upload a new photo.

If you need to upload a new photo, you must contact MIS via the Service Desk referencing your student number to request that the existing photo is removed so that the new one can be added to the EasyBadge system for printing. Once issued, it is important that your wear your Student ID card at all times on campus.